Friday, April 25, 2008

mommies on the move

Our playgroup has thankfully moved out to the Payson Park playground for the season, which (as you might expect from the word "thankfully" here) is a great thing in many ways. Between the huge climbing things, slides, and interesting new varieties of dirt to put in your mouth, the playground offers the young toddler plenty of time-consuming activities -- so I'm not hearing "car! Go, go, go!" quite so soon from my date. We get to be outside in the sun. We get to meet strange new babies with their strange new baby customs. We often get so exhausted by the running that one of us (typically, not the one driving) falls asleep in the car on the way home. Most importantly, of course, the outside playgroup takes the pressure off of yours truly to clean up the house and bring people over here. Yay for not hosting anything, yet also not feeling like a crappy parasite!

The downside to the outside playgroup is the dangerous huge climbing things, the dirt in the mouth, the being outside in the sun, the strange babies, the exhausting running, and the fact that when nobody is hosting, nobody makes delicious cakes and such for the mommies. Amy did bring munchkins today, which was nice and also gave me unexpected flashbacks to hebrew school. I brought fruit salad and graham cracker sticks last week. Still, none of this is on a level with freshly homemade baked goods, and what with the running you don't really have time to eat so much anyway. Actually, that last bit is true of life in general. Isn't life with a toddler mostly an inability to produce or consume delicious homemade baked goods? On second thought, not really.

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