Saturday, May 24, 2008

at the spa

I came up with a really useful mental invention last night -- I was feeling somewhat beat down, and asked myself, "what would make you feel better right now?" Being at a spa, I thought. You know, where you're constantly walking around in a robe with a towel on your head and things smell very floral and you're sipping some sort of herbal tea. I COULD DO THAT RIGHT HERE, I realized. So I took a shower (which for me is very spalike in itself) and then put on a bathrobe, made myself some chamomile tea and announced that I was in a spa and so couldn't see the dirty dishes or piles of clothes on the floor. I worked at the computer for a while (it was a working spa) and went to bed around 9:00 after demanding that L give me a backrub as part of my spa experience. He did it, too. It's amazing the power you can wield over people when you assume an imperious spa gaze and have a towel on your head.

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